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Baseball Bat Attack In Bedworth Shop

A man snatched money from a till in a Bedworth shop after threatening the cashier with a baseball bat.

The offender walked into the General Stores in Bulkington Road, Bedworth at 9.30am yesterday.

He was white, 6ft, between 20 and 25 and had dark brown hair and a bulbous nose. He had a dark brown and blue woollen hat and wore a blue woollen fleece.

The man looked around the shop for a while before leaving. He told the cashier he would return hen he had some money.

Just five minutes later he re-appeared, wielding a baseball bat, and he threatened the woman behind the till.

He then jumped over an ice cream fridge and grabbed money from the till and a tin full of coins.

The man ran from the shop, pushing the cashier to one side. He ran towards Furnace Fields, dropping the tin on the way.

Anyone who saw the man, or was in the shop before the attack, is urge to contact DC Clark at Nuneaton CID on 01926 415000.
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