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Couple Rescued From Car Filled With Water

A couple had to be pulled from their car as it was filling up with water after crashing into a stream near Bedworth.

Matthew and Ann Clark, aged 26 and 25, from Copsewood Avenue, Nuneaton, had water round their chests before they were rescued on Sunday evening.

They had been driving down the A444 between Bedworth and junction 3 of the M6 at 7.30pm when their blue Ford Escort lost control.

The car landed on its roof in a stream running along the road and started to fill with water.

Four police officers had to get into the water to retrieve the couple before they were submerged.

PCs Phillips, Marshall, McMahon and Sgt Hill managed to force the door open and get them out.

During the rescue attempt PC Phillips was cut and needed stitches. He and the two victims were treated at the George Eliot hospital.
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