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Is There A Beast On The Loose In Warwickshire?

Police are investigating sightings of a puma in South Warwickshire after a woman dog walker claims to have seen a big black cat on the loose.

There was a report of a large cat like in Hampton Lucy about 12.30pm on Wednesday. 

And now police are warning people to be on their guard. But pumas are solitary creatures that do not like each other’s company, let alone humans.

A Warwickshire Police spokeswoman said:

“A lady who was walking her dog behind Snitterfield Street in Hampton Lucy saw about 20 yards in front of her what describes as a puma, black in colour about three to five feet long with a tassel on the end.

“This is a local dog walking area and people are advised to be on the lookout for this creature.”

Does this mean Warwickshire will have its own wild cat on the loose to rival the Surrey Puma of the 1960s, and the Beast of Bodmin Moor, which is still making the headlines every few months?

Pc Craig Fellows, Warwickshire Police's wildlife officer, said there was little chance of such a creature attacking people as they are scared of people and dogs.

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