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Driver In Miracle Motorway Escape

A driver had a miraculous escape when he was thrown from his van and landed in the middle lane of the M6.

The crash happened on the southbound carriageway between junction 4 and the Corley services at 8.50pm on Friday.

The driver of the Mercedes van overtook another vehicle and lost control shortly afterwards.

The van hit the nearside crash barrier, and the driver was thrown clear.

He landed in the central lane of the motorway as his van span around and ended up in the hard shoulder, facing the wrong direction.

A Ford Fiesta travelling behind swerved to avoid the man and collided with his van.

Insp Colin Rust said:

"Miraculously the driver of the Mercedes was not hit by any other vehicle as far as we can tell.

"He was protected by an HGV which stopped in front of him."

The driver was taken then to George Eliot hospital for treatment to his injuries.

Police appealed for witnesses to come forward, in particular the driver of a Post Office van, who was overtaken before the accident.

The driver stopped for a while, but left the scene before police were able to take their details.
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