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Boys Aged Ten In Alleged Bag Snatching Spree

Two ten-year-old boys were arrested yesterday after pensioners were hurt by thieves trying to grab their handbags.

A 72-year-old woman struck her head on the ground after being pulled over by the would-be thieves, who tried to snatch her handbag in Clifton Road, Rugby just before 2pm.

She needed two stitches following the incident as she cut her head as she fell. The youngsters who attacked her did not succeed in getting bag.

Another pensioner was attacked in a similar way, but again she managed to keep hold of her bag.

Police believe that three other ladies in the town may have been targeted, and are appealing for anyone who was approached to come forward.

Two boys, both aged ten, were arrested on suspicion of attempting to steal the handbags. They were released on bail and were due to be interviewed about the matter today.

Witnesses should ring 01788 541111.

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