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Rampant Mob Maraudes Through City Centre

A mob rampaged through Coventry city centre, punching and hitting people and damaging property in a series of unprovoked attacks.

One victim suffered a broken nose as he was set upon by the hoard as they moved from Burges to Little Park Street at 2.30am on Saturday.

They first struck at a taxi rank, hitting a 29-year-old man across the back of the head as he waited for a cab.

Another man at the rank, aged 32, was then hit around the head and punched and kicked in the body.

He suffered a broken nose, a half-inch cut to his left eyebrow, another cut on his head and bruising around his body and face.

The group then moved along Hay Lane, damaging windows at the Golden Cross pub and Yates’ Wine Lodge, before launching a series of separate attacks on three men, all aged 25, in Little Park Street – just yards away from the police station.

One victim was punched and kicked until he fell to the ground.

The gang ran off from him and then set upon a another man, cutting him on the head with a bottle, before attacking and robbing a man using a phone box. He was kicked and suffered bruising to his legs and body.

Only one member of the gang of white men was arrested after the attacks. The 18-year-old, who allegedly assaulted a police officer trying to arrest him, has been released on bail pending further enquiries.

Police today appealed for help in finding the mob.

DC Paul Reeve said:

”It is thought that this gang f men committed all these offences at 2.30am and it appears that they have just gone on a rampage.

“We are appealing for witnesses to any of these incidents, to prevent these people from doing it again.

“The people they attacked were simply out enjoying themselves and they finished the night suffering some nasty injuries.”

Witnesses should call 024 7653 9010.
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