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Warning As Pills That Could Kill Stolen

Hundreds of potentially lethal tablets are at risk from falling into the hands of young children after they were stolen from a house yesterday.

Burglars broke into a house in Charles Eaton Road in Bedworth and took the drugs belonging to a man in his 40s who suffers from a heart condition.

Doctors and police say they are worried about some of the pills being sold on to drug addict as they can give a short high.

They are 200 tablets of Coproxomol and a Nitrolingual pump spray. The spray can give users a short high, followed by a severe headache, while the Paracetomal-based Coproxomal are dangerous in the wrong hands.

But there are also fears that the other drugs could be dumped as they have no opiate or amphetamine content.

It appears that the drugs were targeted by the burglars, but they will find themselves unable to sell the other pills that were taken.

These were two or three boxes each of: Tildiem, Atorvastatin, Ikorec, Persantin, and Paroxetine. In each case up to 90 tablets were taken.

A Warwickshire police spokeswoman said these drugs could be dumped, and could fall into the hands of children.

Anyone who finds them should hand them into a police station or chemists.
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