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Policeman Killed By Armed Robber Remembered

A Coventry policeman who was murdered when he was shot at point-blank range by a robber with a sawn-off shotgun is to be remembered next week.

PC Gavin Carlton, aged 29, died on 19 December 1988 after answering a call to an armed raid at the Midland Bank in Tile Hill.

He was driving a panda car and was one of several officers to respond to the call for help.

As he followed the robbers’ getaway car in to Torrington Avenue, a shot was fired at his vehicle, causing him to swerve and crash on to a traffic island.

PC Carlton tried to reverse away, but the gunman fired another shot at him from point-blank range. The blast caught him in the chest and he died from his injuries.

Several other officers were also shot at before the gunman and his partner were tracked down and cornered.

One, PC Lan Jakeman, suffered serious stomach injuries after being shot. He has since left the force.

Facing arrest, the gunman eventually turned the gun on himself. His accomplice was arrested and has served a term of imprisonment.

A memorial was put up at the spot where PC Carlton lost his life. On Tuesday the road will be briefly closed as officers pay their respects to their colleague.

Officers will gather there from 10.15am and will be joined by friends and members of PC Carlton’s family. The Rev Bill Hopley, the force chaplain, will lead the service.

Supt Chris Duffield said:

”For his love of policing and his desire to protect communities, Gavin paid the highest price.

“His memory is still an inspiration to many officers at Chace Avenue, he is still missed.”
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