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Taxi Driver Suffers Racist Attack

A taxi driver was racially abused and head-butted by a violent passenger who refused to pay his fare.

The Asian cabbie in Rugby took a man to Oliver Street and dropped him off at the junction with Parnell Close at 10.45pm on Saturday.

When the journey ended the passenger refused to pay the fare and made “deeply offensive racial remarks” to the driver.

The attacker got out of the car and walked away before returning.

He opened the passenger door, reached in and head-butted the driver. He then grabbed him in a head-lock and struck him in the face.

The driver was saved when an elderly woman saw what was going on and alerted a group of young men. They pulled the attacker away, who fled.

The driver was taken to St Cross hospital and treated for a strained shoulder.

Police are appealing for witnesses, especially the elderly woman, to come forward and call 01788 541111 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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