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Boy Band

13 - 17 APRIL 1999

Written & Directed by Janice Dunn

Boyband is a brand new musical, set in Coventry in 1999, and follows the story of Billy, a would-be band manager. Billy gathers together a group of five local 'likely' lads, and with his sister as choreographer, sets about transforming them, as the M & Ms, into stars. Amazingly, he achieves his ambition - but not without some mishaps en route! When the M & Ms eventually do find fame, it most certainly is not what they expected! The record company takes over and Billy is out, leaving the boys to fend for themselves as demands get greater and the hype goes into hyperactive!

Boy Band examines the boys' relationships with each other, and those around them - and how this changes with success; it looks at the pressures, problems and pure absurdity of a career in the music business. The play also takes a look at the fans - and what exactly they are sold.

With appearances from girl band 'The Pop-Tarts', Irish girl band 'B*Jesus' and new three piece girl band 'Cleopatois' complementing the M&M's, an evening of all-singing, all-dancing, fun-filled entertainment is promised. The bands perform cover versions from the 60s through to the 90s, as well as several brand new songs - so there is music for everyone.

Who will win the coveted Crit's Award? Will M&Ms stay together? Or will the pressure blow them apart?

Forty six of the Belgrade Youth Theatre appear in this brand new show - which has been specially written for them. With a live band on stage, and other events happening in the theatre, a great night out is promised for people of all ages.


(1.) Declan Bennett, who plays Lee in the M&Ms, has been recalled several times for 'Rent' in the West End, following an open audition - it is rumoured that the producers are waiting for him to hit 18 in order to offer him a part! A number of Declan's own compositions feature in the show. Decian is a member of the National Youth Music Theatre and entertained Andrew Lloyd Webber at his birthday celebrations last year. He is also on his final recall for RADA.

(2.) Cheryl Robertson, who plays Carrott in the Pop-Tarts, is due to appear on Barrymore's 'My Kind Of People'. She has a mature singing voice and wants to be a performer.

(3.) John Grant, who plays Karl in the M&Ms has just been accepted at the Mountview Theatre School to train as an actor, and will begin his course in September - so this will be his last Belgrade Youth Theatre performance.

(4.) Lyndi Smith, ex-Belgrade Youth Theatre, and now at RADA, will be working on BoyBand with Director Janice Dunn.

(5.) Musical Director Graham Pike has worked on many Belgrade Theatre productions - most recently Sleeping Beauty and It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow.

(6.) The four groups featured in BoyBand will be performing several gigs in and around Coventry prior to the opening night - venues still to be confirmed, but are likely to include schools, shopping centres etc.

 Director Janice Dunn says:

"The play was developed form an idea we had eighteen months ago, and before it was written, we had group' discussions about what the story and content would be. We've also worked together on which songs we should use, and some of the group are helping on choreography. It has been written with the members of the group specifically in mind".

MORE INFORMATION: Cath Pitkethly  01203 846 703

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