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Visions Of Utopia At Arts Centre

A project allowing Hillfields residents to develop their dream for the area reaches its culmination this week with the launch of an exhibition at Warwick Arts Centre.

The Utopias project was launched as way of introducing the internet to people through encouraging themselves to express themselves artistically.

Residents involved in the project built up a vision of how the area could look.

Much of “visionary” housing built after the war is now seen as an eyesore, and people were given the opportunity to express what they would like to see in its place.

They were given help in developing their ideas by Jubilee Arts, and then shown how to put their vision on the internet.

Project co-ordinator Sue Webb said:

“It’s the first outreach project that Warwick Arts Centre has undertaken. From the results on the website it appears that all the participants had a great time.

“Normally people learn how to create web pages because they have a group they to support.

“This is about allowing people to use the web and create a website using art as a medium.”

The Utopias season, held to mark the millennium, is reaching a climax with an exhibition at the Mead gallery featuring video work by six internationally-known artists exploring the theme of “utopia”.

The result of three year's work, it is a collection of images, sounds and ideas which explore the ways in which cities and worlds are constructed, and how people try to carry on their lives against this vast background of land and history.

Utopias features the work of six leading international video artists: Cornford and Cross, Mariele Neudecker, Rodney Graham, Veli Granö and Matthias Müller.

Sarah Shalgosky, Curator of the Mead Gallery, said:

"Utopias was developed as a project for the year 2000. The incredibly beautiful and imaginative images in the gallery can make us think about our own society and how we would like it to develop in the twenty-first century.

“I'm delighted that, within an exhibition that features work by international artists, we have been able to include the voices of people from Coventry and I hope that other local people will come along to add their ideas and visions".
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