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Petrol Panic Means Supplies Are Almost Gone

Petrol stations are shutting up shop across the city and county as supplies are drying up.

Garages have been running out of unleaded the fastest, particularly in Leamington, Warwick, Coventry and northern Warwickshire.

Rugby and Atherstone buck the trend with better supplies, meaning the A5 is one of the few routes offering fuel to motorists.

The BP Truckstop on the A5 between Clifton and Lilbourne, east of Rugby had a delivery this afternoon. But it is one of the dearest stations for miles around.

Even local Jet stores which have their head office in Warwick were not offering unleaded petrol and are not sure when more supplies are coming in.

Some garages have closed as they cannot replenish supplies. Motorists with diesel cars stand a better chance of getting fuel.

Again, Rugby is the odd one out and more garages there offering unleaded petrol, but some have run out of diesel.

Some Tesco stores lost their petrol supply last night, and the others have dried up this afternoon. Most of them have now run out of unleaded, but have limited diesel supplies.

CWN found that Safeway in London Road, Coventry, had petrol but no diesel, while Sainsburys on Fletchamstead Highway has plenty of both about 4pm, but was reporting long queues.

A Travel West Midlands said buses in the West Midlands were safe at the moment.

She said:

"We've got quite a lot in reserve at the moment. We are going to keep an eye on it on a daily basis and keep in touch with our suppliers, but we shouldn't be affected."

A spokeswoman for Stagecoach Midland Red said all its buses ran on diesel, and all services were running without problems at this time.


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