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Lorries Blockade Exhall Petrol Centre

Lorries are blocking a petrol distribution centre in Exhall as the fuel crisis starts to bite across the country.

Seven lorries have barred tankers from leaving the small Murco petrol distribution centre in Bayton Road.

The truckers have allowed supplies for emergency services to leave, but have not permitted any other supplies to be sent out.

Coventry socialist councillor Rob Windsor (St Michael’s) joined the drivers this morning to show solidarity with their protest.

He said the blockade was much smaller than that at the refinery in Kingsbury, and no police were at the site.

Cllr Windsor said:

“It’s hard to see how hard it’s hitting at the moment.

“It is Blair’s government that have got to negotiate with them.”

Cllr Windsor, a former anti-Poll Tax campaigner, said many of the arguments being used by the government as to why petrol duty couldn’t be cut immediately were similar used by Thatcher’s government in the Poll Tax row.

He said:

“I cannot accept that you cannot change things, if you look at the number of changes the government has dropped on us.”

And he called on other trade unions to take part in the dispute to show the government that anti-trade union legislation passed in the 1980s should be reversed.

But Cllr Windsor said it was vital that supplies for emergency services be allowed out.
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