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Public Services Running on Empty

Council and public services in Warwickshire are starting to close down as the fuel crisis begins to bite. Although protests at refineries are over, councils cannot guarantee when fuel will arrive in their depots

Household waste sites operated by Warwickshire County Council will close indefinitely from tomorrow afternoon. Grendon has already shut.

And bus services operated by Stagecoach Midland Red will stop at 7pm today for the second day running to preserve fuel. Buses will run as normal until then.

School bus services in Warwickshire are not due to run from tomorrow, but this is still unconfirmed. Up to date information on school bus services on 01926 412929.

Travel West Midlands intends to run a full service for another week without any effect.

Chiltern, Thames and Virgin Trains are operating as normal and do not foresee any problems. Central Trains said it will operate a full service until at least Monday. Connex, which operates the Rugby to Gatwick service, said its trains are busier than normal but are running as normal.

A Warwickshire County Council spokesman said:

“Although the picture is changing rapidly and some fuel supplies are now filtering through, it will be some days before some services are back up to full speed.

“Staff are still being encouraged to find alternative means to work such as car-sharing or public transport and council leader, Ian Bottrill, has sent a message to staff thanking them for their sustained efforts in making it into work.

“All essential social services such as home care, homes for older people, and day care services, are being maintained in partnership with internal providers and other agencies.

“We are monitoring the fuel situation to assess the impact on services over the weekend. Social services has been identified as an essential service.”  

The rural housebound service in Kenilworth has been discontinued but mobile libraries are running at the moment. Some libraries have reduced the frequency of van collections and this could result in longer waiting times for requested items from other libraries.

Deliveries of project materials to schools under the Schools Library Service (SLS) are suspended.  Most schools have already received their deliveries but a few will be delayed.

Trading Standards officers are continuing to provide the Advice Line service to consumers and businesses on 01926 414000.

Priority is being given to enforcement matters relating to petrol and explosive storage, food quality issues, animal health and welfare issues, including livestock markets. 

They are issuing advice and monitoring the situation regarding hoarding and the illegal storage of fuel, fuel quality, incorrect setting of petrol pumps, quality of food in the supply chain, and pricing of food and petrol.

While crime has been falling generally over the past few days, there has been an increase in the number of petrol thefts.

Thieves took 400 litres of fuel from Shepherd Construction on an industrial estate in Rugby and there were four reports of cars being siphoned in the Nuneaton area in the last 24 hours.

That follows a series of thefts in Warwick earlier in the week, including people filling up and driving away from service stations.



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