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Benfield Ends His Stint At The Top

A Coventry businessman has signed off as chairman of one of the most influential trade organisations in the country.

Clive Benfield delivered a morale-boosting message to the construction industry following his 12-month stint as chairman of the Construction Confederation, a body made up of over 5,000 companies from all divisions of the building industry.

During his year in office, Mr Benfield, chairman of the Coventry-based Benfield Group, led a delegation to the European Parliament to push the industry's interests and concerns, and has travelled over 10,000 miles across the UK.

He said:

"It has been a tremendous year for me personally and a very good one for the Confederation. There have been several issues I have had to address during the year but, in general, the industry is in robust health.

"The economy has stabilised and that is vital for the construction industry. A few years ago when there was a more marked "boom and bust" cycle, the industry trained a great number of people only to find there was no work once they had qualified.

"The industry is making great strides to use new technology in all its forms, improving construction methods and embracing environmental issues.

"Europe is an issue both in terms of the contract opportunities and the legislation which emanates from there.

"The visit to Strasbourg was a real highlight and a great success. We had a private meeting with the Enterprise and Information Society commissioner, Erkki Liikanen and were the first construction delegation from any country to meet with him. We are confident it will stand us in good stead."

Mr Benfield also oversaw a re-organisation of the Confederation during his year in office.

He added:

"If you got Rail Miles as you do Air Miles, I would be able to travel to Australia. I have lost count of the times I have had to go to London and have attended meetings in Scotland and on the south coast.

"I have made many new friends I would never have otherwise met and I think my public speaking must have improved!"
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