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[15 JUN 00] C&A NEWS
Coventry Jobs To Go AS C&A Closes 

Dozens of staff at C&A in Coventry are to lose their jobs after the high street clothing firm announced it was shutting all its UK stores.

The shocked employees were told this morning 4,800 jobs in the UK and Ireland would be lost at 113 stores.

The shop is the only one in the Lower Precinct to have tried to stay open while re-development work takes place around it.

Its closure means there will be a huge unit available when the area is re-vitalised.

All the C&A shops remained closed until 11am today as staff were told the bad news.

Company owners decided to re-focus their activities in Europe following £250m losses in Britain.

Lucas Brenninkmeijer, Chief Executive Officer said:

“This is a sad and difficult decision for the company, C&A has been part of the British high street for 75 years and was determined to remain so.

”Unfortunately business conditions do not allow this to happen and we now need to look to consolidate and grow our market in mainland Europe.

“Achieving a turnaround in the UK would involve greater cost and risk than the company is able to bear any longer.

"Our prime concern at this time is for our 4,800 employees in the UK and Ireland. The company will offer generous packages that are well in excess of the statutory minimum.

“When new tenants take over our stores, we will encourage them to employ our existing staff wherever possible. Training and outplacement agencies have been put in place.

"C&A stays fully committed to its fashion retail business and is confident that the revised strategic positioning and related turnaround decisions will again bring long term profitability to the company.”

The closures are expected to take place by the end of the year. Three distribution centres are also to close.

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