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New Street Cleaners For Coventry City Centre

Coventry’s streets will be kept clean and tidy despite the Coventry Contract Services decision to quit their contract.

CCS offered the City Centre Company, which manages and promotes the heart of Coventry, just 28 days notice after complaining it was losing money on the deal.

But today the company revealed that a new contractor was in place and the only change the Coventry public would notice would be for the better.

Liz Millett, City Centre Company CoventryChief executive Liz Millett declined to name the new company but said the deal would be completed in the next 48 hours.

"We are fully confident we will have someone in place by 21 September when CCS officially finishes.

"We were part way down the road as we were considering tenders for the next year and we have simply had to accelerate that process and build everything into a tighter time period.

"The company involved have been very keen for everything to be completed. They see it as a wonderful opportunity to be involved in a city where so much is going on. They view it as a showcase."

Millett added that she did not yet know if the company would re-employ CCS staff as the 28 days notice could mean that labour protection measures do not apply.

"If any individuals are misplaced by CCS’s actions the new company may well consider them.

"I hope the public notice a change for the better and certainly we are always looking for standards to improve in everything we do.

"There is always a concern when you have to arrange a contract of this size so quickly but we are confident everything will be in place and working well when the changeover happens."

Councillor Jack Harrison, chairman of the CCS board stressed that it is "highly unlikely" that any council employees will lose their jobs as a result of the changeover.

He said:

"Those employees who were working on the street cleaning contract will be placed in other areas where there are vacancies, through retirements and other things.

"It is highly unlikely that anyone will be made redundant because of this."

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