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English Landscapes Win Coventry Cleaning Contract

Coventry today announced a city centre cleansing and grounds maintenance contract just a week after CCS pulled out of the existing deal.

The City Centre Company, which manages and promotes the heart of the city, has agreed a deal with English Landscapes, a maintenance and cleansing specialist. The contract is worth in the region of 600,000 per year.

The Newbury-based company will start work in a fortnight’s time, and has pledged to raise standards of cleanliness significantly in the first year of operation.

Liz Millett, City Centre Company Coventry Liz Millett, chief executive of the City Centre Company, said the company’s experience in the field and its eagerness to work in the city had been the deciding factor.

"Throughout the whole process they have impressed us with their levels of professionalism and commitment. We are committed to getting this right and to have a very high standard in both cleanliness and maintenance. First impressions are always vital, and a clean and tidy city centre is very important for everyone.

"English Landscapes are particularly strong in grounds maintenance and landscaping and that will make a big difference to the overall look of the city centre.

"They are excited by the way Coventry is run and I think they see this as a showcase for their own business. That can only be good for everyone.

"We have had to move quickly since CCS withdrew from the contract but English Landscapes will be in position to start work shortly and we are very much looking forward to improving the heart of the city through a strong, mutually beneficial partnership."

English Landscapes, which employs around 350 staff, has contracts stretching from Dover to Carlisle and is responsible for maintaining Canterbury and Milton Keynes.

Sales director Stuart Wilson said Coventry people would notice improvements throughout the term of the contract.

"We feel we can improve things across the board. We are currently looking closely at particular areas but we believe we can make a real difference. Improvements, however, do not happen overnight and we have set ourselves stiff but realistic targets.

"This is a key contract for our company and we are very excited about it. The way Coventry is run means that we can work in partnership with the City Centre Company, allowing us to concentrate on certain priorities if we see the need. Not everything is set in stone as has been the case in more traditional civic structures."

Mr Wilson said that up to 35 staff would be involved in the Coventry operation and some of those might come from the existing CCS staff.

"We will employ people who want to make this work and ideally some will come from the existing workforce. They have the skills and the experience – but it is vital we encourage the right people. We would encourage interested parties to contact us direct.

"Our company holds the Investors In People award and is built around people. We help them develop their skills and give them opportunities."

English Landscapes can be contacted on 01635 200410 for recruitment

MORE INFORMATION: Advent Communications   01203 633636

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