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Police To Set Up Shop In Precinct

Precinct policing will come to Coventry later this month with the opening of a mini-station in the city centre to crackdown on attacks on shoppers.

The new station, which will be outside the Central Library in Smithford Way, will open on 18 September.

Even if the temporary building, which will house the officers is not ready by then, a sergeant and eight PCs will go on duty.

It follows an arrangement where the City Centre Company paid for extra officers to be on patrol in the area during the afternoon.

Roger Bache of the City Centre Company, said:

"We welcome this move by the police. We reached agreement to help to fund additional uniformed patrols through the Precinct for a limited period on six afternoons a week.

"Many incidents occur during the afternoons and we believe an increased uniformed presence helps to reduce the number of incidents.

"Now West Midlands Police has released funds for a Precinct team and to install a police box which will be used as a base by a serial of nine officers.

“The police box will be a reassuring sight for shoppers while the additional officers will be a major deterrent to crime in the Precinct area."

The City Centre Company has already helped to make shopping safer by upgrading and adding to its extensive CCTV camera network, providing bicycles for use by police officers in city centre streets and car parks and launching an initiative to prevent thefts from shops.

Inspector Gary Herrington of West Midlands Police, who is stationed at Little Park Street police station, said:

"The City Centre Company helped us to increase our presence in the Precinct by taking over the payment of officers' overtime.

"Now West Midlands Police has won a grant from the Government's crime fighting fund which has enabled us to put together a pro-active crime reduction team.

“They will be provide high visibility foot patrols as well as responding to people's calls."

There used to be a police box in the Precinct 20 years ago, but this was later removed because of developments in the area.

Protestors against plans for public toilets to be installed in the information centre in the library have said that the facilities would be a magnet for criminals. The new police station will be next to these toilets.
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