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Free Parking Extended As Shoppers Flock

A range of free car parking offers in Coventry city centre has been extended after proving a huge success in the run up to Christmas.

The first hour on weekdays has been free in eight shoppers' car parks since early November while shoppers have also been able to park in the Barracks free of charge on weekdays after 2pm.

The experiment, run in conjunction with a major marketing campaign, was designed to retain existing shoppers and also attract newcomers to the city.

Mark Nicholls, Customer Service Manager of the City Centre Company, said it had succeeded on both counts.

He said:

"It was a major step which was expected to cost around 200,000 in car park revenues, but it has proved so successful that it broke even quite quickly and has now brought in money because it encourages people to stay longer in the city.

"In turn, that means that traders must also be feeling the benefits which was the whole point of the exercise.

"The first hour free in the eight car parks - West Orchards, Barracks, the ground floor of Leigh Mills, Pool Meadow, Belgrade, Bond Street, Queen Victoria Road and Greyfriars East - will carry on until the end of January, while free parking in the Barracks on weekdays after 2pm will run indefinitely.

"That is on top of the free parking all day on Sundays in Barracks and West Orchards which is also running.

"Coventry is an easy city in which to shop in terms of its size and convenience and these offers make it even more attractive. Everyone connected with the city centre has a duty to do everything realistically possible to help boost trade and this is another step towards that.

"We realise that numbers decline after Christmas but we are determined to keep going the momentum that has been established until well into the New Year."
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The Giant Card Company, Coventry

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