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A New Economic Strategy For Coventry And Warwickshire

The Second Economic Strategy for Coventy and Warwickshire "Regeneration Beyond 2000" published today, sets the agenda for economic activity across the area.

It has been compiled by Coventry & Warwickshire Partnerships Ltd with its partner organisations, and in consultation with a wide range of organisations involved in economic activity locally. It presents a shared vision, and a commitment to continued partnership, working to strengthen the area's economy.

Trevor Cornfoot, CWP's Manager said:

"The Economic Strategy is our collective agenda for action in the Coventry & Warwickshire economy. It will be of strategic significance across a wide range of organisations, particularly the area's local authorities and the Chamber of Commerce, and will be used in planning for the creation of the West Midlands Regional Development Agency"

The Economic Strategy has objectives in six key areas, ranging from "Developing Workforce Skills" to "Promoting Coventry & Warwickshire as a Location for Business, Investment and Tourism", and will be achieved by the actions and resources of many organisations working together for the benefit of the area.


The Economic Strategy has a shared vision which builds on the commitment to change and implementation already evident among public, private, voluntary and education bodies locally:

"We are working in partnership towards a lasting prosperity for the whole of Coventry and Warwickshire to which every local person will have the opportunity to contribute and derive benefit".

The Strategy seeks to achieve this vision through agreement and action on 28 specific objectives towards achieving six key aims:

  • Developing workforce skills and enhancing employment potential
  • Enabling disadvantaged groups and communities to access opportunities
  • Promoting a high quality, safe and sustainable physical and social environment
  • Strengthening communications and other infrastructure to support investment and local economic development
  • Strengthening and diversifying local business and encouraging innovation to enhance competitiveness and growth
  • Promoting Coventry & Warwickshire as a location for business, investment an tourism and enhancing the image of the area.

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  1. Coventry and Warwickshire Partnerships Ltd (CWP) was created in 1994 to bring together a range of private, public, education and voluntary organisations, and ensure that they work together for a stronger local economy. CWP published the area's first Economic Strategy in 1995, the document that has now been updated.

MORE INFORMATION:  Trevor Cornfoot, CWP  01203 230166

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