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Jellybeans To Help Internet Business Sales

A group of entrepreneurs from Coventry have started a website where people can buy and sell internet businesses.

The idea behind the site,, is to give people with half an idea, or the foundations of a business, the foothold and contacts they need to sell their scheme as a going concern.

By providing a cheap and easy-to-use site, the founders hope to encourage people who may not been well-grounded in business, or who might not even have their own office, to take the plunge into the dotcom world.

It features sections for entrepreneurs to advertise their internet businesses, websites or domain names.

Director Nicola Lloyd, who started a separate company called Crimzon to help new internet sites attract investors, said:

“The audience potential is enormous.  Many people have got some very good ideas for internet businesses, have set websites up and are starting to generate some money.

“However, they appreciate they are not the people to take the opportunity to it's full potential, perhaps they don't have the funds available, or they need a team around them.

“Others have created very good websites and have written a business plan, but never quite had the time or the inclination to set the business up properly.

“Others have bought some very good domain names that a commercial organisation may wish to purchase. The buyers are likely to be commercial organisation that wish to bolt-on an Internet business to their traditional business, or entrepreneurs looking to find the very idea that can make him or her a fortune."

She added:

"Most of these businesses, or well thought out ideas, have a value to the right buyer and can be advertised for sale, people just don't realise it.

“At present there is nowhere to advertise them for sale for a reasonable price, giving good quality and service. This where intends to break the mould."

Anyone interested should in advertising should ring  024 7654 5588 or email

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