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Sign Company Get High Flying Contract

The Harris Sign Group’s new vehicle graphics division has taken off in a big way after landing a contract with an airline.

The company, based in Coventry, has been commissioned to supply and apply the graphics to Atlantic Airlines aircraft based at Coventry airport.

Stuart Ainscow

The contract comes just a couple of months after the firm created a new vehicle graphics unit at its new headquarters in Springfield Road.

Partner Stuart Ainscow said:

"We can now handle over 1000 vehicles a year – and one of the first contracts we get is for a massive aeroplane!

"The new vehicle unit is fitted with all the latest equipment and we can handle articulated lorries but we couldn’t cope with an aircraft on the premises. I think the local residents might be upset!"

The Harris Sign Group has already re-signed a Lockheed Electra – a plane which can carry 14.5 tonnes of cargo and regularly flies to North America – and is now working on a Cessna 406, which operates throughout Europe.

John Reeve, group general manager of Atlantic Airlines, said the work had been done as part of a re-branding exercise for the airline, which has 45 aircraft in its fleet.

"The airport has used The Harris Sign Group for a long time and, after seeing the quality of its work, we decided to employ it for this project. We have redesigned our colour scheme and are working through the fleet gradually. We are very pleased with the outcome – and their work can now be seen across the world."

More information:
Advent Communications (01203) 633636

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