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Transfer Market Heats Up For 'Lucky' Driver

Former England manager Glenn Hoddle could be ready to make a loan signing for Premiership club Southampton - a Coventry coach driver.

Hoddle said he was thinking of borrowing Dave Hutchison, the man who drives the Sky Blues to away matches, after Gordon Strachan said he was the reason the City had broken their 16-month run without a win on their travels.

Hutchison, who works for Coventry-based Harry Shaw City Cruisers, only started the job a week before the Sky Blues won at Southampton but continued to bring good luck against Manchester City on Saturday - their first back to back away wins for over two years.

City have two home games next week and will not require Harry Shaw's services, while Southampton are away to Charlton and Leicester, so the firm has written to Hoddle offering the driver on loan for the two matches.

Robert Shaw, managing director of the family-owned firm, said:

"We thought all this had blown over but Dave is getting a bit of a reputation in the football world and I almost fell out of my chair when Glenn Hoddle mentioned him.

"We know the firm who drives Southampton and we have told them that we are writing to Glenn to see if he really wants some of Dave's luck to rub off on his side.

"The team make their own way to home games so Dave is free to use if Southampton want to collect maximum points next week!

"All this arose from one comment by Gordon Strachan but at Manchester City, Dave had supporters asking for his autograph while the driver who used to take the team away last season was featured on Football Focus!

"We have transported the team for over 20 years and took them to the FA Cup final in 1987. We will do everything we can to help them have another good season and if Gordon thinks Dave is helping in any way that's great."

Manager Gordon Strachan admitted that he made the line about the new coach driver up when put on the spot by a television reporter.

He joked that the old driver had moved on for better money - like everybody else who leaves the club.

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