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HST Sews Up Seqin Deal

A new company that has developed a high-tech system to raise health and safety awareness in British industry has chosen Coventry as its base.

SEQin Ltd has moved into premises on the Innovation Centre in Harry Weston Road, Binley, which is operated by the University of Warwick.

Using technology developed in Belgium, SEQin (Safety, Environment, Quality for Industry) provides a comprehensive workplace safety and quality assurance service for businesses.

Although its software comes from Belgium, the company has turned to Coventry-based HST Computers to supply networked PCs in its new offices and has recruited six staff locally.

Partner Colin Blackburn revealed that he was delighted to have been able to invest in the Coventry economy and predicted rapid growth.

He said:

"We have a system which we can take to health and safety officers in companies and help make their jobs far easier.

"Recently company directors have been made personally liable for health and safety breaches in the workplace which lead to accidents and that has raised the profile considerably.

"Our system is a comprehensive one which not only enables the client to make sure everything is right at the time on inspection, but also has an on-line system which means that they update with any changes in legislation.

"We hope our company is going to grow quickly and it would be nice to think that a Coventry firm like HST could grow with us."

HST have fulfilled a 25,000 contract which includes the installation and networking of ten computers.

Richard Hooper of HST said:

"SEQin's product is at the cutting edge of technology which is shown by the fact they have been welcomed into the Innovation Centre.

"It is great for us to be associated with companies such as SEQin and shows that we can compete with the best."

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