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Harry Shaw Gives His Name To HST

One of the most famous names in Coventry business will now be associated with the travel of information as well as people.

The former HST Computer Services has been re-branded Harry Shaw Business Computers, as it is a subsidiary of the famous coach company.

Robert Shaw, John Shaw, Harry Shaw, Richard Hooper

And the success of the business over the last 12 months has meant that it will have new premises as well as a new name.

Having built up a client base of over 50 companies and offering hardware and software solutions Harry Shaw Computers will now be based in Leicester Street, Bedworth.

Richard Hooper, who joined the company after 18 years in the IT trade, said the double move was aimed at building on the considerable success already achieved.

He said:

"From a standing start we have gained a great reputation in the city and have seen the business grow quickly, both staff wise and customer wise.

"The new premises will offer us the opportunity to expand further and has undergone significant refurbishment so that it is ideal for our needs.

"We will have twice as much space as before and will include new demonstration facilities, which will be a big boost.

"Taking the full name of Harry Shaw was a natural move because it is one of the most respected business titles in the city and we are very proud of that.

"We are part of the Harry Shaw Group and have won several clients partly because of its long established reputation."

Harry Shaw, who started his company from a dairy in Binley said:

"I am delighted that the computer division has been so successful.

"We made a decision to diversify when we started it up but that has been vindicated by the excellent year it has had."

Clients of Harry Shaw Business Computers, who moved from Mill Lane in Binley, include CWT, Coventry and Warwickshire Promotions and Age Concern.
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