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Lights Go Out All Over Earlsdon

Thousands of homes and business in Earlsdon in Coventry were plunged into darkness following a power cut last night.

Engineers worked until 3am to try and restore after the fault rendered cookers and televisions useless at 5.30pm.

And shops, takeaways and pubs in the normally busy Earlsdon Street were forced to close.

Isobel Hoseason of East Midlands Electricity, the firm responsible for all the cables in the area, said the fault was traced to an underground cable.

She said extra engineers were brought to try and locate the source of the problem, but the power was not restored until 3am.

Generators were brought in from Nuneaton in case the repairs took a long time to make.

She said:

“Our priority is to restore power as quickly as possible and then we work on the repair job.

“We’ve done a temporary repair that put customers back on at 3am. Today we hope to find hat caused the fault to the underground cable.”

But the 2,500 shops and homeowners affected will not be compensated for the loss of power, even if it forced a business to shut or freezer goods to defrost.

Under rules set by the industry regulator Ofgen, £50 compensation is only paid if the power is cut for 24 hours.

Ward councillor Ken Taylor called for the regulations to be changed.

He said:

"If the power has been off for nine hours then people's food in a freezer is going to defrost, whether it is a home or a business, and somebody should be responsible for picking up the bill.

"It shouldn't just be left to people getting it off the home insurance."

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