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New Head Of Retail For Ragdoll Productions

Tina Iacovelli will lead the way into "the Ragdoll space".

Tina lacovelli has been appointed Head of Retail for Ragdoll Productions (UK-) Ltd, the internationally acclaimed independent television production company which has created Teletubbies, Rosie and Jim, Tots TV, Brum and Open A Door.

Tina Iacovelli, Ragdoll ProductionsIacovelli, 35, takes over as the unique Ragdoll shop in Stratford upon Avon (where 60% of the space is given over to children's play areas) celebrates its sixth birthday.

She was born in Worcester, educated at St. Mary's Convent School in the city, and studied French and philosophy at Leeds University. After graduation she taught English as a foreign language in Greece, France and Italy to students ranging in age from very young children to university under-graduates.

Feeling that teaching instilled information by rote rather than through inspiring a love of learning, Iacovelli changed careers, and took a job as a foreign language announcer at Heathrow Airport for three years; worked briefly in its Press Office; then joined Air France as a Sales Executive.

She moved to Next to manage the company's store at the Merry Hill Centre in Dudley and has now joined Ragdoll with the brief to prepare The Ragdoll Shop for the creation of The Ragdoll Space.

lacovelli will work closely with colleagues developing new products and programmes.

She says:

"Because the majority of space in The Ragdoll Shop is given over to play areas many of the conventional judgements in retailing do not apply. The job is much more about working with children, and while I want to make the retail areas as efficient as possible, being sensitive to Ragdoll's brands and the ethos of the company that Ragdoll Works For Children is much more important."

One of lacovelli's priorities will be The Ragdoll Space: the company is seeking a site for new headquarters in Stratford upon Avon where it can create an area in which children can play and explore areas based on its programmes, and where lessons learned from children can help in the development of programmes and new projects.

Barrie Wood, who has been Head of Retail during the period of expansion which has accompanied the success of Teletubbies, becomes Head of Video and will also lead the international aspects of Ragdoll's expansion, to enable the company to take the best advantage of his experience of the international film industry. He will continue as a director of the company and will also act as a consultant on retail matters.

More Information:
Chris Bates 0121 472 6739
Carole Thomson 01789 404100


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