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Crossings At Canley, Berkswell and Tile Hill To Close

Coventry could be plunged into traffic chaos when Railtrack close both Canley and Tile Hill crossings.

The rail company is making changes to its West Coast line which runs from Euston to Glasgow, meaning that barrier crossings at Berkswell, Tile Hill and Canley will no longer be feasible.

And although Tile Hill is likely to have a traffic bridge constructed over the line, which would mean a dramatic improvement from the current situation, Railtrack has only planned for footbridges at Canley and Berkswell.

This would mean thousands of extra cars a day using the A45 to avoid Canley station, and could mean traffic tailbacks on the road during peak times.

However, Railtrack head of corporate affairs Lesia Kozlowsky believes that the changes will actually improve the situation.

She said:

"Currently the barriers go down at Canley 135 times a day, and they are down for 30 minutes during the peak hour of 4pm – 5pm leaving tailbacks around the station.

"The same can be said for Tile Hill and a traffic bridge at this crossing will actually improve things no end and it will not take long for drivers to realise the quickest routes.

"The changes are due to the fact that currently the speed limit for trains is 105 mph, but by 2005 that will be 140, which will allow us to run more services.

"The flip side of this is that the crossing is already down too often anyway and with these extra services it would be down more than up."

Anyone affected by any of the crossing closures, which are expected to come into play in around three years time and be finished by 2005, can see the plans on show.

For Canley crossing the plans will be displayed at The Standard Triumph Recreational Club on Tile Hill Lane, between 12 – 8pm on 4 and 5 October.

The Tile Hill plans will be showcased at the Midlands Sports Centre for the Disabled on 29 and 30 September.

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