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Santa Could Come Early For Homeowners

Christmas could come early for homeowners in Coventry and Warwickshire as house prices buck tradition and continue to rise in the run-up to the festive period.

Normally prices dip at this time of year as the market cools down with the approach of winter.

But the latest housing report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors forecasts that the area will avoid this trend.

Some properties, particularly country homes with land, could see huge increases.

The RICS report covering the three months until the end of September, said:

"The period of falling prices in the region has been short-lived and the market has turned."

Although sales in the region actually fell for the fourth successive month, more regional chartered surveyor estate agents noticed price rises than in the previous three months to the end of August.

Housing market experts at the RICS are more optimistic about prices for the second consecutive month - expecting levels to return to "gentle growth" by the end of the year.

In August, the balance of chartered surveyor estate agents in the region noting price falls was 9 per cent. This has now reduced to only two per cent.

Harvey Williams, RICS national and regional housing spokesman, said:

"Santa could come early for some people now putting their homes on the market.

“There are definitely signs that the traditional drop-off of activity as the festive season approaches may well not happen to such a degree as in previous years.

"This may well be a reaction to the recent reluctance of many people to bring their homes to the market for a number of reasons - not least the petrol-diesel blockades.

“It may be that they are now intent on making up for lost time and are determined to sell so that people can move in before Christmas.

"With the climate continuing to react to global warming, there is also a distinct blurring of when the housing market 'season' begins and ends.

“It may now be developing into a series of 'highs' and 'not-so-highs' rather than peaks and troughs.

"But, it does not really matter if it is snowing on Christmas Eve; if housing market conditions are right - low interest rates, mortgages and a wide choice of affordable properties - then deals will still be done."
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