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Rover Firms To Keep Talking After Early Aid 

Short-term help worth almost £2 million has been given to companies in Coventry and Warwickshire hit by the Rover crisis.

And firms that were threatened with the loss of huge orders are continuing to work together to discuss issues that affect their trade.

A dedicated team working at Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber managed to secure the funding for firms in the supply chain hit by the crisis.

The package of aid was available for businesses that had at least 20 per cent of turnover coming from the Rover Group.

It allowed for help with re-training, wage replacement and capital expenditure of up to £60,000 per company.

Now the Phoenix Consortium has successfully bought Rover, saving thousands of jobs, the amount of government aid is being wound down.

But any money from the original £12 million made available by Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers will be used in the medium term to help companies modernise and diversify.

Project leader Eddie Marston said:

“This was an immediate problem facing hundreds of companies and thousands of families and it was important that we secured help for these people quickly.”

An initial meeting to establish a supply chain network will be held at the Oak Tree Conference Centre at the Binley Business Park, Harry Weston Road, Coventry on 27 June at 6pm.

Companies that want to join together to be part of this group should book a place by calling Val large on 024 7665 4101.

There is also a discussion of issues surrounding Rover at The Chamber’s website

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