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Fewer Claim Unemployment Benefit

Unemployment in Coventry and Warwickshire fell again in September as the figure neared an all-time low, and more companies have found it difficult to recruit.

The number of people out of work who qualify for unemployment benefit has fallen by 3.8 per cent, according to Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber.

In terms of percentage falls in the amount of people recorded, Rugby was the biggest winner, with a 9.7 per cent fall, or 104 claimants. Stratford dropped by 7.1 per cent (53), North Warwickshire by 5.6 per cent (41) and Warwick District by 5.4 per cent, or 82 people.

Coventry saw 134 people coming off the books, a fall of 2.1 per cent.

The change has been attributed to the start of the academic year, as students sign up for courses and disappear from job-les figures.

Chamber analyst Gareth Brown said:

“Despite the changes in government subsidisation of higher education there are more adults than ever before making the decision to further their education through courses at colleges and universities.

“September is the traditional time for courses to commence, leaving many employers, especially those offering casual and part-time positions, with high vacancy levels that are lower at other periods in the year.”

Mr Brown added that in the past three months more than 70 per cent of companies in the service sector, and nearly 60 per cent in manufacturing said they had experienced recruitment difficulties

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