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Magnum Keeps Viaduct Repairs On Track

Specialist contractors working on the famous Welwyn viaduct in Hertfordshire have opted for Xcalibre's Magnum - one of the fastest and most versatile hand held drills on the market.

Doncaster-based G.L. Quine are working for (R.M.G.B.) Rail Track May Gurney Birse Partnership) on the 40-span 300m long viaduct which carries the main East Coast rail line.

The work, which is part of Rail Track's extensive programme of repairs and maintenance, involves drilling and stitching the pier faces and soffits on the 30m high structure.

The decision to use the Magnum hand drill, Delta Drive and power units from Coventry based hydraulic drilling specialists Xcalibre was made after extensive testing of all alternatives.

Xcalibre's managing director Keith Skinner said:

"Magnum has three key advantages over many of its competitors. It is extremely fast, its design specifically eliminates the sort of snagging you get with electrically operated hand drills, making it especially safe to use, and it requires virtually no maintenance.

"In addition it can be used almost anywhere - even underwater. It is ideal for the sort of challenges thrown up by the Welwyn viaduct arches since it is reliable to use, even when held at acute angles. Because it has been designed for use in and out of water, its performance will not be affected by water failing on to it from the roofs of the arches."

The Magnum comes in four different model sizes, ranging from the Mag5 at 600rpm to the Mag24 at 2400rpm. Operated by petrol, diesel or 11O volt power units, its unique design incorporates no electrical components, giving it high reliability.

Keith said;

"Magnum has been designed to be safe, easy and extremely efficient. The impressive speeds of the hand drill have been achieved using controlled hydraulic action combined with a built-in safety valve to cut snatch or kick associated with electrically operated hand drills.

"It makes only 25 per cent of the noise of an equivalent electric drill and, because it is spark free, is safe for use in hazardous environments."

Magnum is equally reliable, even when operated upside down, in confined spaces or in the great outdoors. Its flexibility makes it perfect for large or small, deep or shallow hole drilling.

Keith said:

"The hydraulic action extends the life of the diamond core bits - helping to make Magnum an economic choice for use across a wide range of materials. Optional rig mounting is also available."

Magnum hand drills can be used for a variety of tasks, including; railing and fencing bolts, heating and venting duct installation; plumbing and pipe installation; general fixing holes; holes for telecommunications ducts; trench reinstatement sampling; underwater pier refurbishment; factory machinery installation; sewer pipe drilling for branch fitting; inverted drilling in tunnels; drilling in hazardous environments.

At Welwyn viaduct, it has proved its worth. Site foreman for GL Quine, Mr Malcolm Gleaden, who has 17 years experience, said:

"The Magnum is the fastest and most efficient drill I have ever used and coupled with Delta Drive Diamond core bits has put us nicely ahead on our programme of works"

GL Quine are regular specialist contractors on rail related structures.

More Information:
Jane Grant on 01926 624994


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