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Leamington Hotel Battle Continues

Leamington residents battling to save the town’s Regent Hotel want the building to be sold as a going concern.

They will now lobby Council bosses to force hotel owners Regent Estates to put the building on the market again.

More than 150 people turned out to the action meeting at Leamington’s Town Hall last night to give their support to the campaign and voice their concerns to John Archer, Head of Planning at Warwick District Council.

Local groups are calling for the 19th century building to be kept as a hotel but its owners, Regent Estates, claim the hotel is not profitable enough to warrant the extensive modernisation needed.

It has submitted plans to divide the building into several units for use as retail outlets, cafes and restaurants as part of the large redevelopment of the area.

The meeting was organised by the Central Leamington Residents Association and the Leamington Society who are heading the campaign.

Robin Brabban, Chairman of CLARA said:

"A range of views were represented, but only one person was in favour of the plans put forward by Regent Estates.

"The overwhelming feeling was that the building should be sold as a going concern to an experienced hotelier.

"The hotel is an important landmark for Leamington, which is after all, in the heart of a popular tourist area. The re-opening of the Pump Rooms next year is also likely to attract many new visitors to the town."

He said that many residents also expressed concerns about the over-development of the town centre and doubted whether Leamington could sustain more shops or needed another cinema complex.

"If you look around the existing shopping areas there are so many empty retail outlets already.

"Leamington does not need a white elephant. When the property developers move on, the people of Leamington will be left with their legacy."

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