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Coventry YMCA Closes Its Doors

A building which is currently used as a hostel for the homeless is set to become a hall of residence after being bought by Coventry University.

The Coventry YMCA is to move its residents out of the building in the Quadrant, Warwick Row by the end of this week.

The YMCA has occupied the 94-bedroom building since 1972 but decided that it had no choice but to move as it was no longer suitable for their requirements.

Chief executive of the Coventry YMCA Tony Mawby admitted that the site was not viable practically or financially.

He said:

"We are not just a landlord and the layout of the building is not conducive for the kind of help that we want to give to the people who come to us.

"There has also been a steady decline in the number of residents that we are getting and the building is simply too big for our needs.

"We have to run the hostel in a business-like way, although we are a charity and to have a building so under-occupied is not sensible."

The YMCA has been in Coventry for over 100 years and after moving out of the Quadrant building will actively seek to find a more suitable home.

Mawby stresses that the YMCA are not downsizing their operation and are actually looking to grow in Coventry and Warwickshire.

He said:

"We are actively looking to do more work in the area and with the help of Coventry City Council are trying to locate a new building more geared up to our needs.

"In the meantime all residents have been offered suitable alternative accommodation and have been very supportive of this move."

It is expected that Coventry University will slightly change the inside of the Warwick Row site to allow more students to be housed there, by converting existing office space into bedrooms.

The YMCA chief executive revealed that all that remained of the deal was for the contracts to be signed.

"We are currently concluding negotiations but I can see no reason that would stop it going through.

"It is nice to know that the building will continue to be of benefit to young people."

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