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Vegetarian Café Plan For Coventry

A local group is trying to open up a vegetarian café and ‘green centre’ in the heart of Coventry.

It would be the city’s only eating house serving solely vegetarian and vegan meals.

Tara McGibney, a member of the Coventry Vegan Co-operative, which is behind the move says:

"Birmingham has more than a dozen vegan cafés and restaurants. We are the eighth or ninth largest city in England and we do not have one."

The group has earmarked an empty former café in the City Arcade as a possible site for the new venture.

But Tara says:

"We are trying to get our business plan past the men in suits. It is difficult for us because there is no one in our group with business experience. We are appealing for people with business knowledge to help us.

"We want to model our café on The Ark at Leicester. That is a vegetarian and vegan café with a green centre included. I understand that the European Union has decided that every city should have a green centre."

The new café would be named 'Harry Shoerats'.

"He was the longest lived man in Britain," explains Tara.

"He was born in Russia but emigrated to England and he died in 1983 aged 111. He attributed his long life to his vegetarian diet."

"We are not trying to force veganism down people’s throats," says Tara. "There are meat eaters in our group. We just want to advise people how to eat properly and provide a place where they can buy meals.

"For instance I cannot buy a cup of tea with soya milk in Coventry. I have to take my own milk when I go to a cafe.

"We also want to be able to offer good vegetarian and vegan meals for children."

The Coventry Vegan Co-operative has eight members, among them a fireman, an artist, a youth worker, an education assistant and two chefs.

Sean Kelleher 024 76 712339 or Tara McGibney  024 76 717708

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