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Sixties Revival In Aid Of Street People

The swinging sixties will come back to life next month when a Leamington pop group re-unites to help people who live on the street in the Philippines.

The Jaybeekaypeys agreed to reunite for a one-off show in aid of the Mahal Foundation, which was founded last year.

Despite not having played each other since they were 17 – a gap of 30 years – the group have swung back into their old groove and are busy rehearsing sixties classics.

The reunion was the idea of Keith Hancock, now aged 48, who was trying to find a way to help the charitable organisation.

Mahal Foundation co-founder Kit Brooke Harris said:

“He was thinking of different ways we could raise money and then he hit up the brilliant idea of getting the band together.”

Keith, who has played with Deep Purple and David Bowie, is still a regular performer with Cupid’s Inspiration.

Songs that are being dusted down for the gig at Leamington Social Club in the High Street on 11 November include classics by the Who, Cream, the Monkees and the Rolling Stones.

Kit said:

“I saw them rehearsing for four hours last night and it was amazing. It was like going back to my bedroom and jamming with my mates all those years ago.”

He added that the money from the concert could help make a difference to people suffering a terrible time in the Philippines.

He said:

“We have raised money before but safely it has gone missing, so we thought we would start to do something with it directly.

”At the moment we are working under the umbrella of Christian Outreach in Leamington while we are applying for charitable status.”

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