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Lorry Hits SkyDome After Local Safety Concerns

Today a lorry struck the SkyDome Coventry building in Spon Street causing extensive damage. 

The lorry struck the canopy over the entrance to Bonds Bar showering the street with glass and causing severe structural damage to the brickwork (a 3 metre crack in the frontage of the building).

The accident follows a string of concerns about the state of the street and safety to both pedestrians and listed buildings in the 'Mediaeval Street'.

The two million pound refurbishment of Spon Street has involved the removal of deep granite kerbs. Conservation groups such as the Spon End Building Preservation Trust claim that this has not only been detrimental to the character of the street but has put many of the overhanging mediaeval buildings at risk from passing vehicles.

There are also concerns about the safety of pedestrians now that there is no clear definition between road and pedestrian pavement. Community groups in the area recently claimed that pedestrians are being forced to walk down the centre of the road as cars are now parking on pavements.

Kevin Noble of the Building Preservation Trust said: 

"The situation down there is quite chaotic, the whole scheme has been poorly thought out and has in fact damaged the character of the street. 

"The recent collision with the SkyDome building worries us greatly as we know that listed buildings such as the Old Windmill have also been struck by vehicles. There is of course also a danger to pedestrians."

The Spon End Forum, representing around 12 groups in the Spon End area has also been critical of the scheme. They are angry that two million pounds have been spent on Spon Street within the ring road whilst the section of Spon Street outside the ring road has had no investment.

Also plans to refurbish the subway have come to little as much of the hundred thousand pounds promised has evaporated.

Kevin Noble, Spon End Building Preservation Trust
Colin Walker, Spon End Forum


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