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Local Residents Fear More Fatalities On Spon End / The Butts

Fears of Spon End residents have risen following a second tragic road accident in Spon End/The Butts in just seven weeks.

One person was killed and two injured when their vehicle left the road on Saturday night.

This follows a serious accident on the same stretch of road at New Year. Eighteen months ago an elderly gentleman was also run over by a police car whilst crossing the Spon End pedestrian crossing.

For a number of years residents have objected to City Council plans to widen the roadway through Spon End/the Butts.

The Spon End Forum now aims to launch a campaign against road widening and its redesignation as an 'A' road. Local residents fear that this will increase both traffic volume and traffic speeds through one of the most historic areas of the city.

Increased speeds will lead to more serious accidents along what is already a dangerous stretch of road.

Plans for the resiting of a new rugby ground on the Butts stadium site currently include plans to widen the road, whilst the new Coventry Development Plan includes proposals to make the Spon End a major roadway.

Residents have called for measures to control traffic speeds through the area, including road narrowing and traffic calming and the creation of a new conservation area.

The Spon End Forum extends its sympathies to the families of those involved in Saturday's road accident.

Kevin Noble, Spon End Forum  024 76 888252


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