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Residents Prepare For £50m Spending Spree

Residents in a deprived area of Coventry are to make a decision with a difference next week - how to spend £50 million.

The money has come from the New Deal for Communities, a government-scheme aimed at injecting life into the most run-down parts of the country.

The Wood End, Henley Green and Manor Park areas of Coventry were selected for the money, and residents are to be involved at every stage.

Lily Mulhall, who lives in Wood End, said:

"New Deal for Communities is about improving our lives and that of our families. Itís exciting being involved in planning for our future and I know how important next week is, so Iím asking my neighbours to join in."

Project ideas have been developed and the decision will now be made on which are the priorities.

Roger Tipton a resident of Henley Green and Chairman of New Deal for Communities Employment Task Group, said:

"Next week we are asking people to prioritise their plans for the area, so that we are able to decide what to deliver in the first three years, of a ten year programme.Ē

People have initially identified about 180 potential projects, covering education, crime, employment, housing, environment, transport, health, young people, communication and leisure.

Residents living in the area are meeting throughout the week at Area Coordination Office in Baytree Close to look at each of these issues individually.

Jackie OíConnor resident of Manor Farm and Chairperson of Manor Farm Residentsí Association, added:

"Local people have developed some great ideas that will breathe new life into our neighbourhood.

Steve Spreadborough, Wood End resident and Chairman of New Deal for Communities Communication Group said:

"There are already many local residents very active in New Deal for Communities, what we want is to encourage more residents to visit one or more of the groups next week to help shape a positive future for where we live.Ē

New Deal for Communities is a local resident led initiative, meaning for the first time residents are making the decisions about what services they, their families and neighbourhood need.

To get involved, contact Steve Spreadborough on 024 76 603074.

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