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Bulldozers Could Flatten Wood End Houses

More former council houses in Coventry face demolition because they are run-down and unpopular, with Wood End the latest area to come under the microscope of the men with the bulldozer.

Eyesore homes that are a haven for vandals on the estate could be knocked down if neighbours agree. Residents groups in Wood End have been campaigning for the houses to be flattened – 75 per cent of which are unoccupied.

Tenants living in the Guild and Pridmore area in Foleshill are already being consulted about plans to knock down some house in that area.

Whitefriars Housing Group, which has taken over running the city's 20,169 former council homes, said demolition might be the only course of action in some derelict areas of the city.

Whitefriars’ business plan allows for the demolition of up 1,200 homes that are run-down or unlettable.

The group, which took control of the council houses in September, has pledged to ask all tenants their opinions before making any moves.

The Whitefriars board, feature independent members, tenants and councillors will also have to give the go-ahead.

Whitefriars North executive director Alison Hadden said:

"When we took over the housing stock from Coventry City Council we were aware that a small proportion of it was either so run-down or unpopular that drastic action would be required.

"There are some areas, including Wood End, where residents are calling for action to eradicate properties that have become eyesores."

Whitefriars officers will give residents information about their re-housing options and eligibility for compensation. Discussions will also look at how sites might be used if the homes are pulled down.

At the same time, residents on the Guild and Pridmore estate will be involved in in-depth discussions about demolition and new build proposals.

Whitefriars say the majority have already agreed the proposals in principle, but want more details before giving their approval. 

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