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171,000 Contract To Train Chinese Automotive Managers

Coventry University has just signed a 171,000 contract with the giant Guangzhou Automobile Company in China that will bring 18 of their managers to Coventry to study.

Dr Peter Darkins, Project Manager for the School of Engineering's China Initiative explains:

"Guangzhou is one of the major motor manufacturers in China. They build the Honda Accord car under licence, and are also involved in truck, bus and automotive component manufacture.

"The company approached us with a view to upskilling their managers and training them in the latest manufacturing and management techniques. As a result 18 of their managers will be coming to Coventry for four months, arriving on 10 March."

The Chinese managers will spend three months in academic study, examining subjects including advanced material and manufacturing processes, human resource management and quality management. They will spend their final month working in leading local companies.

"Coventry University has an established reputation for providing upskilling courses for employees, providing an extensive range of such courses for Jaguar Cars, and we will be building on this work with the employees from Guangzhou",

said Dr Darkins.

The courses will be provided by staff from the University's School of Engineering, School of Art and Design and the School of Engineering's Engineering Business Support Unit, headed by Dr Derek Steeple.

"The fact that this major company has chosen Coventry University to train its managers in the very latest manufacturing and management techniques is a tribute to our reputation in providing such courses to industry. We hope that this contract will be the first of many with Chinese companies",

concluded Dr Darkins.

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