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Fans Count The Value Of Sky Blues

A Coventry University researcher has been quizzing fans to try and work out how much the Sky Blues helps the local economy.

Ian Richards has carried out the interviews as part of his doctoral study to gauge the local economic impact of a premier league football club.

In the course of his research, which has the full backing of Coventry City FC, Ian will be examining three key areas:

  • money spent by fans in local pubs, restaurants and shops
  • work provided by the football club to local businesses such as printers and caterers
  • jobs provided by the club itself

Ian, who is conducting his research in conjunction with the University’s Business School and Centre for Local Economic Development (CLED), also based at Coventry University, said:

 “This is only the second such study conducted in Britain examining the economic impact of a professional football club”

 “We posted questionnaires to all of the club’s season ticket holders in which we asked questions such as how they get to the ground and how much they would spend on food, drink and so on. We also asked if they would spend as much in Coventry on a non-match day.”

As an incentive to those who return the questionnaires, the respondents are being entered for a free prize draw - with a replica shirt signed by a Coventry City player of their choice as the prize.

As well as the postal survey, Ian and his team has also interviewed hundreds of home and away fans at matches to determine the impact of their spending patterns.

He added:

“The next stage of the research will be interviews conducted with local businesses to ascertain the impact they think the presence of the club, and the supporters it attracts, has on their trade.”

The results of the research will be submitted to the club as a report towards the end of the summer, with the report also forming the basis of Ian’s doctoral thesis.

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