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Schools Benefit From Computer Gift

They may be worlds apart, but Stoke Park school and a cluster of islands in the Caribbean have both received a second-hand boost from Coventry University.

More than 100 redundant computers are being given away to help pupils get to grips with Information Technology.

Stoke Park school in Coventry will be given over 40 old machines, while another 62 will be heading to the Caribbean island group of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Stoke Park donation was organised by Andy Larkin of the university's Knowledge Engineering and Management Centre, working with Ivan Thomas, Head of Physics at the school.

Mr Thomas said:

"We are really very pleased with this donation, which represents a quantum leap in our computing provision.

"We will use the computers across all our science areas to collect data from experiments conducted by our students.

"They will be connected to meters used during experiments to monitoring things such as electrical current, heat and ph levels, which will enable our students to gain experience of computerised data storage"

The idea for the donation of computers to the Caribbean came through the Coventry branch of the Common Purpose organisation.

Linda Grove-Evans of Coventry Common Purpose, the city branch of the national independent charity which has 44 offices across Britain, said:

"Common Purpose exists to help break down barriers by creating links and providing networking opportunities between the business community, private sector, public sector and voluntary organisations.

"Locally we are supported by major employers such as Jaguar, Peugeot and Coventry University, whose managers attend our courses dealing with different aspects of life in the city, such as health, education, housing and crime and justice."

It was as a result of such a link, established between Gill Holmes, marketing manager at Coventry University, and Vibert Cornwall, head of the Vincentian Association, the organisation which focuses on St Vincent and the Grenadines, that the donation of computers came about.

Vibert, who is also a member of the CARIBA project based in the city's West Indian Community Centre, said:

"The computers will be used in schools in St Vincent and the Grenadines and will be much appreciated.

“Initiatives like this not only help the young people using the equipment, but also spread the word about the city of Coventry and its university.

"Who knows, in years to come the young people benefiting from this donation may become Coventry University students themselves."

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