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University Gets Gulf War Hostage Papers

Files detailing the plight suffered by the hostages taken by Saddam Hussein upon the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 are to be given to Coventry University.

The Coventry-based Gulf Support Group is handing over ten years worth of documents and audio/video resources relating to its work.

The group was established by Stephen and Josie Brookes two days after the invasion in August 1990.

It eventually assisted hundreds of British civilians who became Saddam Hussein’s “human shield”.

Stephen, who received the MBE for his work during this period is moving from his Chapelfields home, and was concerned about the future of the files.

He said:

“Ten years after the events which changed the lives of so many innocent British people caught up in the invasion, it is important that this information showing how such a group works is stored for future reference.

“Naturally I am delighted that the University library accepted the offer to retain the records.”

Stephen is now a mature Communication Culture and Media student at Coventry University, while Josie has also been working there on an MA in Disaster Management.

The records being handed to the University include audio and video tapes as well as a mass of diaries, letters and files which formed the day to day workings of the group.

There are also original letters from senior politicians, diplomats and religious leaders which show the international recognition, and importance attached to the work of the group.

Stephen said:

“'Many hours of hard work and a mass of memories, both sad and happy live in the files. And they show the abnormal pressures placed on people during so called modern warfare.

“They provide a detailed record from capture to release of the hostages, and I am sure that they will be used well in their new home.”

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