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Planet Under New Management

A Coventry nightclub, shutdown during an investigation into mismanagement, is up and running under the guidance of a specialist outside company.

The Planet nightclub in Cox Street, which is owned by Coventry University students union, was closed in November for an internal investigation into its running.

The investigation concluded there was no evidence of any wrongdoing and that ‘naivety’ was the main failing among managers.

Host Management, an outside company specialising in running leisure facilities, has taken control on a temporary basis and the nightclub is again open for business.

Floyd Jebson, university spokesman, said:

"There was no evidence of any criminality and nothing was referred to the police. The matter is now closed.

"Host Management have been engaged on a rolling monthly contract. We are looking for someone to run the club on our behalf on a long term basis and we may decide that Host Management will be given the task."

Stuart Matheson, regional manager of Host Management, said:

"We have no problems at all running Planet. I cannot discuss details of our contract because of client confidentiality. Whether we take over on a permanent basis depends on the Students Union, which owns the property.

"We have only been there for a short time but the indications are very good that the night club will be a going concern."

Host Management is in the top three companies in the UK running licensed premises.

"We run eighty licensed premises from pubs, social clubs, restaurants to night clubs," said Mr Matheson.

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