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Coventry's 'Green Library' Provides Economic Boost

A new addition to Coventry’s skyline is slowly forming as Coventry University’s new 16 million state-of-the-art library begins to take shape.

The steel framework of this new building, on the Gulson Road Hospital site at the rear of the William Morris Building in Gosford Street, is now being erected by the Bradford-based Totty Construction Group Plc.

"At the moment we have around 30 people on site, 16 of whom are based in the area - with more jobs for local people to come", said Project Manager John O’Grady.

"In January we will begin the brick work on the building and will be looking to recruit up to 30 bricklayers for 35-week contracts. Also, as work progresses and the floors are installed, we will be recruiting joiners from the area to work on the project", he added.

As well as contributing to Coventry’s economy, this major multi-million pound project will also be one of the greenest buildings in Coventry - in more ways than one. Not only will it incorporate the very latest ideas in natural light and ventilation technology, making it perhaps the most energy efficient building in the City, but considerable landscaping around the building will also significantly enhance the local environment.

Coventry University Director of Estates Bill Woolhead explains:

"This building will provide a new focal point for the people of Coventry. It will be a green oasis in the middle of the City, incorporating waterfalls and ponds in a landscaped area between the library and the historic Whitefriars building.

"This will enhance the surrounding area considerably, in the same way that the University’s Singer Hall development has done in the Hillfields area", he added.

A particularly novel aspect of the new library’s construction will be the use of a large tower crane which will be visible across the City.

"This crane will construct the building around itself, eventually having to be dismantled, and removed piece by piece as the brickwork closes in", said Bill.

"This may sound a strange idea but by doing this we need only one crane instead of two, saving money on construction costs, even taking into account the cost of dismantling the crane", concludes Bill.

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