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Asbestos Found At Hollyfast Primary School

Pupils at a Coventry school will be having an extended holiday after workers installing a new central heating system discovered a large quantity of asbestos.

Hollyfast Primary School was celebrating being awarded the money for a heating system through the Government’s ‘New Deal for Schools’ scheme but delight turned to despair when workers removed ceiling tiles.

Behind them they found pipe-lagging which they believed to be asbestos and after sending a sample of the lagging for analysis their suspicions were confirmed.Councillor Joe Clifford, Coventry City Council

Councillor Joe Clifford chair of the Educational Excellence Policy Team admits that the problem will cause some disruption to the school.

He said:

"We are having some temporary classrooms delivered to the school today and we will then transfer all of the furniture from the main school.

"As soon as that is done the main school will be closed all together. We then have to go through the process of tendering for expert removal, awarding a contract and having the work undertaken.

"We hope to have the children back at school in the portacabins on 15 September, but by the time the asbestos has been removed and the central heating has been installed into the main school it will be the beginning of the January term."

There will be a public meeting tonight at Coundon Court School to discuss the matter with parents from the school, but Cllr Clifford is stressing that there has never been any health risk to the pupils.

He said:

"We are having the meeting to keep parents fully informed although we have already been doing that through letters.

"This asbestos was found after ceiling panels were removed but it is perfectly safe unless it is disturbed.

"Obviously now we have to disturb it to install the new pipes but previously it has been concealed behind roof tiles and the children have never been exposed to it."

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