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Uganda Trip For Swap Of Ideas

Teachers from Stivichall Primary in Coventry are travelling to Uganda next week to promote links between schools in the two countries.

Joe Jennings and Phil Mellen are taking atlases, maps and other equipment to the school in Kiyindi as part of a partnership.

They will be showing teachers at the school near Lake Victoria how lessons are taught in England and getting a glimpse of African life to pass on to their pupils.

More than 1,200 has been raised to send the teachers from the school in Green Lane, Coventry,on the trip, which will also include a trip to the source of the Nile.

Mr Jennings said he didnt know what to expect when he went out here because the conditions were be so different.

He said:

The school has something like 700 pupils and five classrooms, and there are 18 teachers.

A lot of the work we do out there will be with teachers, showing them what we do.

We are taking some laminated sheets with examples that they can use and keep.

In the afternoons there will be some contact with the teachers. We are taking some PE sessions including football and rugby coaching and we are hoping to take some balls out there.

A lot of their afternoons are sport-based, but they have a much longer day.

He added that children from Stivichall Primary had written letters for the youngsters in Uganda, and he was taking photographs detailing school life.

Mr Jennings said:

We teach Ancient Egypt at the school and we will be going to the source of the Nile, so Im hoping to bring back some pictures of it for use in lessons.

We will also take things back from Uganda to show the children here what the school is like.
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