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Pupils Back To School For Summer Sums

More maths might seem like a punishment to many, but brainy pupils are being given extra classes at a Coventry school over the summer.

The summer school, the first of its kind in Coventry, is being held at Foxford School and Community College in Grange Road, Longford.

It is part of a national scheme to allow gifted youngsters the chance to stretch their minds during the school holiday.

And it was visited today by Schools Minister Jacqui Smith, who came along to see the 33 youngsters working away.

The school has been aimed at children in years 6 and 7 in the Foxford School catchment area, which is part of an Education Action Zone.

As well as maths lessons there are also sessions in technology and ICT.

Cllr Dave Edwards, who welcomed the minister to Coventry, said:

“This is the first time that gifted and talented pupils are being given a further boost to their talents in this way over the summer holiday.

“The summer schools are an excellent and exciting opportunity to extend the educational provision of pupils across the country and I hope that in the future similar schemes can be extended for providing the funding for this partnership with the local education authority.

“I’d like to thank the government for providing the funding for this partnership with local education authority.”

Jacqui Smith said:

"Our summer schools programme is expanding because it has been a tremendous success and the schools are liked by pupils, parents and the community.

“There were no Government funded summer schools before 1997 - now there are 2,300 ensuring children get the best possible start to secondary school.

"A BMRB poll conducted in June found that three-quarters of parents wanted their children to go to a summer school.

“Teachers have commented that there is a marked difference in the attitude of pupils who have attended them in terms of motivation and learning.

"Literacy and numeracy summer schools provide intensive, focused work in English or maths which is different to what pupils do in term time, and create an atmosphere where children will want to work hard and enjoy doing so.

“It is not just classroom based - summer schools also offer educational trips to nearby museums or wildlife reserves for example.

“Summer schools help children who are behind in literacy and numeracy to begin secondary school on a more level footing.

“Early evaluations of summer schools carried out by my department showed significant improvements in children's mental arithmetic and gains in reading over the fortnight they attended summer school.

"However, we are not just concentrating on children who are struggling. We recognise that many talented youngsters need extra support to achieve their full potential.

“That's why this year there are 500 summer schools for gifted and talented pupils aged 10-14 throughout the country, covering a range of subjects."
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